Rental Program

Suppliers: Build a Substantial Cash Machine

cashieDesigned for vendors who want to build an impressive cash machine, this creative plan allows the supplier to close lease business in their own name, using our money, and assign the “paper” to us, “non-recourse.” This means that there is no credit risk on the part of the supplier/assigner of the lease.

At the end of the lease term, based on what was agreed to initially, we will release the ownership of the gear to the supplier. Once the lease is paid out, the supplier must collect future payments directly from their client.

graphyOnly 1 advance rental is due upon closing. In the case of a 60 month rental, that amounts to only about 2% of the amount financed.

There are various end of term options for the supplier:

  • Equipment is returned to Vendor at Vendor’s expense.
  • Equipment is returned to Vendor at Customer’s expense.
  • Fair Market Value (“FMV”) for the equipment is paid to the Vendor. Some vendors will allow the borrower to make monthly payments until the residual is paid off. Others will take back the gear on trade or make an allowance for upgrades.

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