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Virtually, all leasing companies can finance “A” credits. They are called “A” credits because they are no challenge to fund. Most businesses are not “A” credits.

Depending on the circumstances, we at LeaseSource, Inc. have many ways to overcome credit and collateral issues:


  • True business cash loans to business owners with a credit score of as little as 500.
  • Sale-Leaseback of hard collateral
  • Add additional “harder” collateral to the lease.
  • Increase the security deposit.
  • Shorten the lease term.
  • Charge an enhanced rate.
  • Supplier remarketing and/or recourse agreement. These are generally put together on a program basis, rather than “one-off.”
  • Bring in additional, stronger guarantors.
  • We can purchase (“monetize”) your contract. Click here for more information about this creative program.

These less than “A” credits include:

  • Firms with weaker credit or cash flow.
  • Cautionary industries such as restaurants and real estate.
  • Start-ups, which by definition: have no cash flow, are often in cautionary industries, and therefore shunned by nearly all banks and most other leasing companies.
  • Venture capital backed firms where there is no available personal guarantee or cash flow.
  • Suppliers who require advance funds in order to complete a project with an investment grade firm can avail themselves of our Contract Finance Program
  • Firms that require capital from their existing collateral in order to meet their financial obligations. This is called a sale-leaseback .

credit challengedSometimes the collateral is soft, that is, there is no secondary market for it. This means that if we have to repossess, there is no ready market in which to remarket it. Our Cash Loan Program is a good fit for these situations. click here to apply – takes only a few moments In the past, we have successfully leased equipment to restaurants, start-ups, ambulance companies, doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and venture capital backed firms.

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