Who we are?

LeaseSource, Inc. doesn’t let the economy get in the way of getting your equipment lease approved. You’ll appreciate our decades of experience and the creative financing we use to get your lease closed. And we know that no sale is complete until the supplier receives payment. Savvy businesses nationwide rely on the proven expertise of LeaseSource. We go the extra mile to get your deals done; plus we are one of the few leasing companies that help our clients bring in new business with creative marketing strategies.

What we do?

Founded in 1989, LeaseSource, Inc. provides equipment and software financing for all 3 market segments; for-profit, non-profit and public sector. Always innovating, we were among the first in the United States to finance 100% software transactions and include other soft costs such as training and ongoing support costs. We are very flexible with almost no equipment restrictions. We lease in all 50 states. Make leasing a part of your strategic plan.

Why lease with us?

Our flexible programs can guarantee that more applicants will be approved with competitive terms. “A” through “D” credits is acceptable. Even new businesses can be approved with our start-up programs. We will, in most cases, advance funds to the supplier, prior to delivery, on behalf of the borrower. This can save the borrower thousands of dollars in upfront costs. We are a single, reliable source for all clients leasing needs.

Individualized Solutions

No two borrowers are alike. Each has their own requirements. We are always available to speak personally with each applicant to determine his or her specific needs.

Flexible Financing

We are not collateral lenders. We have almost no equipment restrictions. Whether the gear is new or used we are able to secure financing in most cases. Soft collateral such as computer software is routinely financed.

Customized Lease Programs

We work with manufacturers and distributors nationwide to create industry-specific lease programs that help them sell more while giving their customers the best possible terms. Our vendor clients get paid faster with electronic funds transfer and pre-funding programs.

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