Accounts Receivable Financing

Turn your Invoices into cash NOW

Website Comments - Jan 13 2014_html_54e9362fDoes your company need a short term business loan to fund sales growth and increase profitability? Would you like to have additional working capital available to run your business, pay bills, upgrade your equipment, or expand your operations? Is a bank loan or bank line of credit out of the question? If so, the LeaseSource financial factoring program can provide you with cash for your current outstanding invoices

Factoring: it’s in your favor!

Factoring is a form of asset based lending that allows you to use your commercial accounts receivables as a financing asset, to generate immediate cash. LeaseSource will purchase your customer invoices and, upon approval, advance up to 80% of its face value. Approvals may be obtained in as little as two days from receipt of your application package in many cases. You may obtain funds within two weeks! Then, the funds are paid back through collections from your customers. The balance of the funds, less the factors fee and discount, is released once the receivables are collected.

Factoring, or accounts receivable financing, is an ideal alternative if your business is having difficulty meeting the stringent criteria of a typical bank loan. Funds are advanced to you, and then paid back through collections on your customers’ invoices. Getting financing for a business loan has never been easier!

Among to many advantages of financial factoring are:

  • No personal guarantees
  • No long-term contract
  • Approval based on your customers’ credit-worthiness
  • Fast turnaround
  • 100% confidential service
  • Small businesses welcome
  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Detailed, regular reporting provided

Are you a candidate for factoring?

Your company will benefit from the finance benefits of factoring if any of the following describes your current business situation:

  • Start-up
  • Limited time in business
  • Rapid growth
  • Seasonal business
  • Over-leveraged balance sheet
  • Insufficient collateral
  • Inadequate cash flow
  • Acquisition/buyout
  • Loan workout
  • Transition/turnaround
  • VC backed or IPO bound

If you’ve been turned down for a bank line of credit, business loan, or other traditional financing, call LeaseSource, Inc. Don’t wait another minute for the money owed to you by your customers. Let LeaseSource, Inc. reimburse you with immediate cash “up front” for your invoices, so you can succeed in business NOW!

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