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Cost Effective Public Safety Leasing Programs


What you were able to do for our EMS client was great and enabled us to close a deal that would have otherwise been delayed or even lost. I appreciate that you have this ability and encourage Jack and Randy to work with their teams to collaborate with you on all leasing deals….not just the sketchy ones…
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Use our lease to own plans to acquire the mission-critical gear that you need

Our mission is to help you carry out your mission.

firetruckWe are never prouder than when we are financing the many different types of gear for public safety departments nationwide. This includes police departments, paid fire departments, volunteer fire departments, homeland security, volunteer ambulance services, for-profit ambulance companies and non-profit ambulance services. We can help with tax-exempt state, local, county and federal leases. Click here to see the advantages of our municipal lease programs.

Our public sector approval rate approaches 100%. Even if you have been turned down or “shorted” on a grant, we can still probably help you get the funds that you need.

Suppliers: Ask your LeaseSource representative about our no cost Links to Leads program where available leads are sent to our vendor participants on a daily basis.

Why use LeaseSource, Inc. for your public sector & municipal financing needs?

  • LeaseSource Simple Funding Program; one-page application, streamlined documentation. No legal opinion letter may be needed. Applicable for municipal leases up to 300K.
  • Vendor Private Label leases with qualifying volume.
  • Competitive rates – municipalities qualify for low, tax exempt lease rates
  • Personalized service – we handle it all, freeing you to work on your next sale
  • Accurate quotations – no surprises with our customized quotes
  • Rapid Approvals – often within 1 business day
  • Unless specifically requested otherwise, all our leases end with ownership passing to the client.
  • Fast funding of all leases
  • Most types of collateral are acceptable, including software & used gear
  • L-O-N-G lease terms, up to 20 years in some cases
  • Real Estate financed as well as equipment and software.

Some of the typical gear and real estate we typically lease includes:

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