Software Leasing

Many of our vendor clients did not realize that their client-server software solution can be leased. LeaseSource has been providing leasing for software since about 1992, almost since it’s founding in 1989. Additionally – we often can include data input, travel, training and future support costs as well. This way, clients can budget 2 or 3 years into the future, knowing that their software will be as current as the day they went live. We currently offer, subject to credit approval of course, software leases up to 50K without proof of income. What we look for is time in business (TIB of 5+ years is good, thought not mandatory), good personal credit scores (700 is nice) and not too much revolving debt for those guaranteeing the lease (30K or less is desirable).

We also offer software leasing and technology leasing to the public sector including public hospitals and public safety (police, fire departments, first responders, etc.). This is a great way to make more sales while helping your clients use their cash more effectively.

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