Will New Investment Tax Credit Spur New Purchases?

The Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010 is finally law. The ACT increases for 2010 and 2011 the amount of investments that businesses would be eligible to immediately write off to $500,000, while raising the level of investments at which the write-off phases out to $2 million. Prior […] Read more »

Sell Your Service Contracts for Cash

Happy September. We have a new and exciting program that we are now offering our current and future clients. If you sell a service in combination with equipment to investment grade credits, we need to talk. This program allows smaller vendors to play with the big boys. Our Contract Financing […] Read more »

Software Leasing

Many of our vendor clients did not realize that their client-server software solution can be leased. LeaseSource has been providing leasing for software since about 1992, almost since it’s founding in 1989. Additionally – we often can include data input, travel, training and future support costs as well. This way, […] Read more »

Equipment Sales Tip – Control the Financing

Now more than ever, financing options are becoming a HUGE factor in the equipment acquisition process. Salesmen of heavy equipment/capital equipment will tell you time and time again, the ability to control the financing process allows them to close more deals. In this economy, many companies simply cannot handle the […] Read more »

Welcome to the new LeaseSource blog

We will be tackling many subjects such as: Software leasing and equipment leasing (of course) The current political situation – will probably take a few risks here How to get viable leads from your leasing company The SMB environment Please check back often to see the latest thoughts and opinions. […] Read more »