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Website - About us(1)_html_m6eeffa6cFounded in 1989, LeaseSource, Inc. is a full-service, Dun and Bradstreet listed lease financing company.
In that era it was normally impossible to get more than 25K without supplying mountains of paperwork. There was no such thing as a “credit score” which meant that each credit bureau report had to be analyzed manually along with bank and trade references. (Remember: There was no e-mail back then either!)

Software could only be financed if there was a majority of hardware on the transaction. Typically it took 2 or 3 days to receive answers to our financing requests. Today we measure response times in hours, not days.

Cash loans (except for SBA and bank loans for cash-flowing and mature businesses) simply did not exist.

The principals of the firm knew there had to be a better way. In the years since, we have built a financial services powerhouse with these creative and flexible programs:

LeaseSource guides our clients easily and quickly to a financing arrangement that suits their needs, with no down payment required. Although we function as a volume funding source, we are still able to give each application the individual attention it deserves. We are small enough to offer personal service, yet large enough to offer competitive rates and terms. We serve the needs of both borrowers and equipment suppliers as well, with flexible and innovative programs.

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